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S. Jayashankar indirect attack on Canada at the UN forum

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New Delhi: External Affairs Minister S Jaishan addressed the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday. Jayashkar on the occasion praised the recently held G-20 summit in Delhi. He said that the Delhi summit has given a message to the world that all problems are solved.

Jaishankar said, at a time when the East-West polarization is intense and the North-South divide is so serious, the New Delhi summit also confirmed that diplomacy and dialogue are the only effective solutions. Gone are the days when some countries set their own agenda and expected others to follow suit.

In his address, the foreign minister said that there is a crisis in the world. Meanwhile, India assumed the presidency of the G-20 with an extraordinary sense of responsibility. An effort was made to focus on our vision of One Earth, One Family, One Future. The main concern of the many is the narrow interest of the few.

The foreign minister said that it is also noteworthy that the African Union has become a permanent member of the G-20 following India’s initiative.

Similarly, the foreign minister targeted Canada without taking its name from the UN forum. Political expediency determines our terrorism, extremism and violence. We should not accept this,” he said. “When reality deviates from fiction, we must have the courage to express it,” he said.

The foreign minister’s statement comes amid deteriorating relations between India and Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is responsible for the strained relationship between the two countries. He blamed India for the killing of Khalistani terrorist Nizar in June. Trudeau blamed India in Parliament. However, India rejected Trudeau’s complaint.

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