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Pick-up van carrying paan crashes: 2 dead, 5 seriously injured

Sarojini Bishi

Puri: On the first day of Raja, while the people of the state were celebrating Raja Festival with enthusiasm, a rare incident was seen near Astarang Kakatpur. A fatal road accident has occurred in Jagannathpur. A pick-up van loaded with Paan has lost its weight and crashed. Two people died, 5 people were seriously injured and more than 10 people were injured.

According to information, all have been admitted to Charichhhak Medical Center for shock. The police arrived at the scene and conducted an investigation. The identity of the two deceased has not been found yet. 18 Panchashis of Chhatiana village were going to sell Paan Carrying clothes and Nayahat Paanhat in a pickup van. Meanwhile, the pick-up van overturned due to loss of weight.

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