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Sarojini Bishi

Puri: Gave the line in the morning. EVM is not working. Along with this, the presiding officer abused the voter in the booth no. People were angry about the EVM failure. As a result, the voters and the police clashed. Local voters have accused the presiding officer of abuse.

On the other hand, Brahmagiri candidate Upasana Mohapatra has been in front of the media for many years. He said there are serious errors in the EVMs as well. Upasana has complained that he is being killed by pressing a button in one place. Along with this,Biswajit balia Singh, who is an agent in the booth from BJD, has been accused of using rude language towards Upasana Mohapatra. Now there is a lot of discontent about it

Similarly, 2 people were injured due to a clash between 2 groups in Radhagobindpur booth no. 115. However, the police are still trying to explain the incident to the people.

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