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paan in tradition

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Raja Paan eating is an old orthodox tradition. The bond of love is paan. The symbols of love, love and friendship have been set in this country. Gives, takes, eats, feeds, tells secrets and asks, these are the six words of sincerity and closeness.

There is a reason behind mixing the paan with the resin, it will strengthen the bond of friendship. On the day of the festival, the girls serve everyone a paan. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, the paan is anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. The lime given in the paan is full of iron (calcium) and strengthens the teeth. When drinking, the vein is cut from the leaf because the vein is a destroyer of intelligence. The luster and fragrance of rosewood can be enjoyed year-round, making rosewood jewelry even more enchanting. 10 to 12 kinds of spices like guava, cardamom, gujarati, roasted corn, rice and coconut flakes, cherry, clove, kababchini, chuwa, paan honey, aromatic saffron keshar, kheer are used in Rajpaan. It is decorated in a plate with cloves on top in various shapes like triangles and squares. The taste of rajpaan is different from ordinary day paan. When Raja comes, the prices of drinks also increase in the market. is in

‘The juicy mouth of the bird,’
The king’s elephant was searching,
It was poured out, the king became the raja.

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