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Minister’s review with travel in ‘Mo Bus’, made big announcements

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Many new steps have been taken after the formation of the BJP government in the state. Meanwhile, Housing and Urban Development Minister Krishna Chandra Mohapatra traveled in ‘Mo Bus’ and reviewed it. This morning the minister traveled in Mo Bus. While traveling in my bus, the minister has booked tickets for himself in my bus like a common passenger and has taken feedback from the general public about my bus. The minister said that the number of buses will be increased based on the needs of the citizens.

Then the minister said, “Mo word is the word of pride.” It’s better if we don’t talk about me. The bus belongs to everyone. This is our government. Let’s all change together. We will do what is best for the public. The Minister further said that during the last 6 years, Crut Mo Bus has been performing the best in providing services. Out of the total number of bus in operation, 63 e-Bus are operating.

400 more buses are coming under Pradhan Mantri E-Bus Yojana. There will be 100 bus for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. 50 e-bus will be added for Sambalpur and Berhampur cities. Traffic problems, accidents etc. issues will be taken seriously. On the issue of changing the name and color of Lakshmi bus, he said that first the system of my bus will be change, then the name and color of my bus will be changed after discussing with the Chief Minister. People are demanding that the bus service should continue and more buses should be run. So the bus service will continue and more bus will run.

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