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Sarojini Bishi

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Dunguripali: In opposition to Utkal diwas , Art Day has been celebrated by Koshal army at Dunguripali Ambedkar chowk. Koshal supporters held black flags and raised slogans against Utkal diwas . After many years of independence, Koshal is in ruins He complained against the central and state governments for being neglected. A sergeant of the Koshal army, to Yadumani kudei, Prafulla Barik, Umakanta Arya, Murali Padhan, Akash Mesua, Rajeev Barik, Ananda Padhan, Surad Maher, Nachiketa Danta, Ramanarayan Brahma, Suraj Deep, Sonali Bishi, Arjun Adabar, Praduyman Padhi were involved in the major works.

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