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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: A large-scale terrorist attack in the Russian capital Moscow. The death toll is increasing over time. While 70 people have died so far, the death toll is expected to increase. On the other hand, the terrorist organization ISI has blamed itself for this incident. According to information, there was a terrible explosion at Crocus City Music Hall yesterday. Crocus City Music Hall has been completely destroyed in the explosion. Meanwhile, several gunmen opened fire on the concert hall shortly after the blast, killing many people. Similarly, many people have been injured in the firing. But slowly the number of deaths is increasing. Till now the death toll has reached 70. However, the video of the shooting has also come to light. In the video, the attackers are seen wearing army uniforms.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement regarding the attack on Moscow. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the attack. However, the terrorist organization ISI has blamed itself for the firing. Amaq, a news agency linked to the terrorist organization ISI, said in a statement on Telegram that “our people have carried out a large-scale attack on a large gathering of Christians at Crocus City Music Hall, a suburb of Moscow, the capital of Russia.” Many people have died and many people have been injured. However, no evidence has been given in this statement issued by the ISI.

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