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Sarojini Bishi

Tehran: Israel-Iran are now close to war. While the situation is tense, the Iranian Navy seized an Israeli container ship on Saturday. This ship of Israeli merchant Eyal Afar was coming to India. Some of the commanders of Iran suddenly got off the ship from the helicopter in the middle of the Hormuz dam in Oman and captured it. However, no statement has been issued on behalf of Israel or Eyal. The name of the ship is MSC Ariz and it was last seen sailing from Dubai to Hormuz. The tracking data of the ship was stopped. Of course, most of the time it is closed while going on this route.

The Houthi rebels used to act like this. After Israel attacked an Iranian embassy a few days ago, the tension between the two countries increased. Even the US intelligence department has expressed fear that a war situation may arise within 48 hours. West Asia will be particularly affected by this.

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