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Sarojini Bishi

Pune: The wedding season is over. But marriage is still performed in some places. On the other hand, Lok Sabha elections are all around. Election campaigns and rallies are seen everywhere. In such a situation marriage and elections are inevitable.

In addition, a combination of elections and marriages has been seen in a city that people have been shocked to see. A photo of a huge wedding invitation card is now going viral on social media. This card is so big that a truck is needed to carry it. Not only that, this invitation card is written in such a way that people are surprised to see it.

Photo and video of this card are going viral on social media. Now this wedding card is going viral in a group called @r/unitedstatesofindia in Pune. The name of the bride and groom is written in this card but in a different style. In this card, the name of the groom is written in place, voter, and the name of the girl is written in place Republic. So by now you must have understood that this invitation card has been prepared to awaken the voters.

People are awakened to participate in this great festival of democracy by keeping this card in a truck and taking it around the streets. This photo is from Pune, Maharashtra. It is shaped like a hoarding. It is written in this card that this marriage will take place on May 13th from 7 am to 5 pm. Apart from this, the place of marriage is also written in it. There is a polling station near the wedding venue. Such unique wedding cards are going viral on social media.

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