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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: When the sun comes, we all start consuming cold national food and drinks; By which our body gets coolness. Like watermelon, melon, lemon juice, lassi, mango leaves, yogurt etc. As soon as the sun sets in, the demand for curd starts to increase all around. Yogurt keeps the body cool and keeps the digestion process in order. Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium. Eating curd keeps the stomach cool and removes many stomach problems. It is very beneficial to drink curd milk and sarabat especially in summer.

Yogurt helps in strengthening our immunity and keeping our health healthy. Yogurt is also good for teeth and bones. Yogurt also helps in keeping cholesterol level in the body under control. So for those who want to lose weight, consumption of yogurt gives good results. Also, eating curd on sunny days keeps the stomach cool and improves digestion. Due to the intense heat in the sun, the water content in the body decreases and we feel tired. In this case, if yogurt is eaten daily, then the water content in the body is controlled and we feel fresh.

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