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Sarojini Bishi

Patiala: Birthday is the day of death. Death came online. A 10-year-old girl died after eating her birthday cake. This incident happened in Patiala of Punjab. The deceased minor is a 10-year-old human. Yesterday was his birthday.

According to information, Manvi and his younger sister celebrated their birthday last night. They ordered a cake online to celebrate their birthday. After the cake arrived, they happily cut the cake and celebrated their birthday. After some time after eating the cake, both of them started vomiting. Gradually the health condition of both of them started to deteriorate. Then the family immediately took them to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, the doctors declared Manvi dead, while the condition of the younger sister is critical.

According to the information received from the family, Manvi’s younger sister was almost vomiting. The family has filed a case in the police station. The family has complained against the shop where the cake was ordered and the person who came to deliver the cake and demanded immediate action from the health department.

Meanwhile, the police have got a big clue about the said incident. In fact, there is no information about the shop from which the delivery person brought the cake. On the other hand, the shopkeeper from whom the delivery person took the order categorically denied that the cake had left his shop. Meanwhile, police officer Surinder Singh said that we are investigating where the cake came from. Further action will be taken after this.

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