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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Every woman uses different types of chemicals to beautiful herself to look beautiful. Among them, lipstick is everyone’s favorite item. Lipstick doubles the beauty of the face with makeup. But you know that this lipstick causes many diseases. According to a research, many women suffer from cancer due to the regular use of lipstick. which brings danger to life. Lipstick contains chemicals that produce toxins in the body.Many types of physical problems occur as a result. Lipsticks contain chemicals called phthalates and lead. Which often reacts to the lips and the lips become sore. According to a study, the cadmium chemical in lipstick increases the risk of kidney failure. Applying lipstick all the time can also lead to stomach related problems, causing problems to conceive. If you are applying lipstick regularly, check the expiry date of the lipstick, apply a good brand of lipstick and wipe off the lipstick well before eating.

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