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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Most people prefer to drink cold water and soft drinks during summer. People get relief by drinking cold water or cold drinks kept in the refrigerator. Do you know what it does to your body? Experts say, “If we drink a lot of cold water, our blood vessels become narrowed.”   Even so, there is difficulty in digesting food. Blockage of nutrients is created in the body. People suffer from indigestion.

Drinking extra cold water can cause diarrhea. Runny nose and gastrointestinal tract infection. Do not drink cold water, especially after eating. Because infection also occurs in the respiratory tract. The processed foods we eat are not properly digested in the body. As a result, these foods remain in the body. According to experts, do not drink water stored in the refrigerator after returning from a hot day or feeling thirsty. If you want to drink cold water, keep a bottle at home. Drink only salt water.

Studies have shown that drinking extra cold water lowers heart rate. Cold water damages the vagus nerve in our teeth. The vagus nerve is a very important part of the nervous system. Do not drink cold water after working out in the gym, morning walk and dancers. Because after doing such practice, our body temperature increases. At this time, drinking cold water causes a sudden change in body temperature. It upsets the digestion and weakens the body. Drinking warm water after working out can be beneficial.

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