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Arun Patnaik in Naveen residence, will manage the demand of BJD?

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: BJD has been defeated in the 2024 general elections. The government of 24 years has broken. Meanwhile, Arun Patnaik, the grandson of Biju Patnaik, arrived in Bhubaneswar yesterday. However, Arun’s sudden arrival in Bhubaneswar has started a discussion in politics.

However, there are speculations about whether Arun will succeed Naveen and lead the BJD or give Naveen the consolation of defeat and return to Delhi again.

It is worth noting that Arun is the son of Naveen’s elder brother Prem Patnaik. He arrived in Bhubaneswar yesterday with Pandian from Delhi. Both were received at the airport by BJD organization editor Pranabprakash Das. After that they all went to Naveen residence. Arun is staying with Naveen in Naveen’s residence.

However, before the election, while Naveen had already said that Pandian is not his successor, now it is rumored that efforts have been started to save the party by bringing Arun.

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