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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Odisha for the last time during the elections. Prime Minister Modi is aiming to win more seats for BJP in Odisha in the last phase. Before this, the Prime Minister’s interview to ANI on Tuesday morning and the Election Commission’s action against two senior officers of the Chief Minister’s office in the evening are now all the talk. And the discussion about what can happen before and after the declaration of results on June 4 is increasing.

Prashant Jagdev has been jailed in the case of EVM vandalism during the election. The CCTV footage made public by MP Aparajita Shadangi proves that there is a conspiracy against Jagadev. Now the concerned presiding officer must also be investigated. Because based on the way Etla gave it, there is no evidence in the CCTV footage. In such a situation, after the incident became public, the state govt. Because the BJP is saying that there is a police conspiracy behind Jagdev’s arrest. Now the Election Commission has also asked to take immediate action in this case. The Chief Electoral Officer of the state has also asked the SP to investigate and submit a report after the video became public.

Action against CMO officials

For the first time, action has been taken against D.S. Kutte and Ashish Singh, two key officials employed in Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s office. Calling Kutte to Delhi, on the basis of which Ashish is on medical leave, means that the BJD government is now under the scanner. The two are said to be in VK Pandian’s coterie. Those who controlled the government. Now if there is a charge sheet against the two officers, then the government or the party may be in trouble in the coming days.

Alarm bells for officers

It is showing that BJP will form the government. Meanwhile, removal of Sujatha Karthikeyan from the post of Mission Energy Secretary, action against Kutte. It is said that the officers and businessmen who are working for the ruling party are now in the scanner. Modi returns to power for the third time and if the government is formed in the state, the position of the officers in the coterie link may be worrying.

In the morning, he said that he would give up the relationship, and in the evening, the election commission would intervene

In the interview, Modi said, he has a good relationship with all the leaders of the political parties in the democracy. There is no enmity in democracy. Now the question was, should I maintain my relationship or worry about the fate of Odisha? That’s why I chose to dedicate myself to the bright future of Odisha, even if it meant giving up my relationship; I will do this and after the election I will make it clear to everyone that I have no enmity with anyone. Meanwhile, in the evening, the Election Commission ordered the suspension of Kutte and the verification of the authenticity of Ashish Singh’s medical liver.

We have no quarrel with Naveen

In the campaign, if any BJP leader has opposed the campaign of BJJ more, it is Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswasharma. Meanwhile, Himant said, he has no conflict with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. He is a Chief Minister. He is an institution. But it is not acceptable that a retired officer should control the movement of the Chief Minister’s hand. By saying this, he is targeting Pandian. Which he is not only Modi, but also Shah is strongly.

A final message to the voters at the last stage

Before entering Odisha on Wednesday, Modi’s message indicated that the BJP is no longer aiming to negotiate with the BJD in Odisha. Rather, he is aiming at how he will sit in the seat of governance in the state. Because Modi has already said to grab votes, BJP will break the back of the mafia when it comes to power. The leader concerned in Chitfund will be sent to jail. Damaged depositors will get their money back and the key to the gem will also be made public. In this message of Modi and others, he said that the state government is being run by a coterie. At this time, there is a big suggestion to suspend Kutte and get Ashish Singh’s health checked.

BJP is in the mood to form the government

Recently, Pandian said in the pre-committee that the BJP is trying to destroy the BJD. Meanwhile, the BJP is also repeatedly claiming that it will form the government. And the big message is that the MLAs of the ruling party are not allowed to join the BJP due to the action against the key officers?

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