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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Unhealthy diet or unhealthy food is the cause of 56.4 percent of diseases in the country. This is from a recent study by ICMR. Seventeen dietary guidelines have been issued to meet essential nutrient requirements and prevent diseases such as obesity and diabetes, according to a report issued by the ICMR.

According to the report, a person needs 1,200 grams of food a day to stay healthy. Thus a person can get 2,000 calories. 100 grams of fruits, 400 grams of green vegetables, 300 ml of milk or yogurt, 85 grams of pulses or eggs, 35 grams of dry fruits and 250 grams of rice have to be consumed in the plate. More than 27 grams of fat or oil per day is harmful to health. 70 grams of chicken or meat a day is sufficient for non-vegetarian meals. ICMR has issued this guideline with the title ‘Din Ki Meri Thali’.

Recommends sourcing macronutrients and micronutrients from at least eight foods. In which vegetables, fruits, green leafy vegetables must be eaten, so that the body will get enough fiber. The second main part is grains and millet. This is followed by pulses, meat dishes, eggs, dry fruits, oil seeds and milk or yogurt. A plate should contain 45 percent grains. Pulses, eggs and meat should be 14 to 15% of the food. Similarly, nuts, oil seeds, milk and dairy products should be 8-10% of the total energy daily.

Eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce sugar, salt and fat in your daily diet. Especially pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are advised to eat as much milk, eggs and meat as possible. In addition, eating too much sugar and fat rich food for a healthy life, less physical activity, lack of micronutrients, excess weight problem and limited consumption of many foods are worsening the situation. To prevent obesity, adopt a healthy lifestyle and choose healthier food options, says ICMR.

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