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27-year-old Jharkhandi elephants destroyed 3 houses

Sarojini Bishi

Keonjhar: The elephant is worried again. Jharkhandi elephants have been spotted in Keonjhar Patna forest. 27-year-old Jharkhandi Elephant has not received permission to leave the Patna forest. Last night, in the Elephant area, extensive vegetable crops were destroyed and three house were destroyed and rice was eaten. There has been panic in the locality.

In Saharpada block of Patna forest area, elephants entered Jarkani fence and destroyed the houses of 3 people and ate rice. The herd came from Raidiha panchayat area and camped in Rengalbeda old water forest of Kapundi panchayat and crossed Biral river in the evening and headed towards Kundala panchayat.

However, the occurrence of this incident has caused panic in the locality. The damage has been assessed by the forest department. While the herd is in Kundla and surrounding forests, the forester Bhupati Sethi and para staff are keeping an eye on the herd.

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