Report Frontline


Sarojini Bishi

Boudh: As the general election is ahead, the security forces have intensified the combing operation in various places to make it peaceful. Almost every day some Maoists are being shot by the Forest forces. Odisha police has achieved great success in this regard. It has been reported that two Maoists died on the spot due to the exchange of fire between the Forest personnel and the Maoists

According to information, a joint combing operation of SOG and DVF was going on in the forest near Padhel Dam of Bargaon Panchayat under Kantamal police station between 6 and 7 am today. After it was found that 40 to 50 Maoists were hiding in the forest, this operation was carried out by security personnel. Seeing Javan, the Naxals immediately opened fire. In response to this, the Forest guards also fired. As a result, there was an exchange of fire between both sides. It has been reported that two Naxals have been killed.

Search operation is going on in the forest on behalf of security personnel. Grenades and heavy weapons have been seized. On the contrary, it is suspected that some Maoists are still hiding in the forest. Therefore, the search operation is continuing on behalf of security personnel..

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