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12 pieces of elephant tusks, traclized and tied radioclear

Sarojini Bishi

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Bhubaneswar: Now Sabadar will be the elephant that drove the storm. The forest department has identified 12 wild boars who have attacked the settlements in the state. Soon they will be tranquilized and radiocollared around their necks. They will be picked up and left inside the sanctuary. If they are repopulated regardless of the radio-clarity, they will be trafficked again and the elephants in Chandaka and Similipal will be left in the classroom.

PCCF Sushant Nand said that they will be engaged in the work of guarding the forest and carrying tourists on their backs. Out of more than 300 tusks in the state, 12 such herds have been identified. 12 lonely tusker have been identified from the profiling of tusk elephant. In 4 circles such as Rourkela, Baripada, Bhubaneswar and Angul, 3 elephant each have been identified. which are dangerous to human and frequently destroy house by confronting the population.

It has been decided that the elephant will be tranquilized and radio collared and removed to different sanctuaries. On the other side is another elephant, Makhana, who wanders between Chandaka and Khordha. He is also demolishing the house. Getting into people’s canes. So he can lose wealth and life. Therefore, before any accident happens, it is planned to be transported and kept inside the sanctuary or taken to the elephant rehabilitation center. And the remaining 9 elephant will be profiled. After seeing how much damage they have already caused and how dangerous they are to wildlife, they will also be allowed to be trucked into sanctuaries or taken to elephant rehabilitation centers.

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