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Worried about your children gaining weight? Learn how to manage your weight

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Getting fat, gaining weight, obesity has emerged as a major problem among people these days. No matter what age people are, everyone is suffering from this problem today. But there are many reasons for this. But these days it has become a matter of concern to see such problems in small children. Most of the time, due to sitting in one place, watching video games, watching cartoons, playing with toys, children’s physical movement is less, so they gradually gain weight.

Some children become obese due to psychological reasons. For example, if there is emotional or family problem between mother and father, let the children eat more food to forget it. So don’t reduce your children’s diet by saying that you are getting fat where they gain weight but educate them about the negative consequences of obesity. Learn to eat home-cooked meals as much as possible. Therefore, you can take them with you when shopping for groceries and groceries, thus they will be attracted to eat meals prepared with vegetables of their choice.

Similarly, teach children to cook small dishes. Explain how much oil and spices are beneficial for health. As a result, the child will gradually become health conscious. Get your kids involved in any yoga or dance classes in your area. Because of this, their weight will be reduced and they will also be happy mentally. Be sure to eat with your children. At this time explain to them how much food should be eaten at what time interval.

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