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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: One ticket per family. The law of BJD has increased the concern of the political family. The fire of discontent that started from the family of BJD’s organizational editor Pranab Prakash Das will not push the political future of other families into darkness? Fear and discontent. What to do if the ticket is not available? Will the party be reorganized post by post? No, the career of politics will be full stop.

One ticket rule for one family in BJD elections. This rule of the party has become an obstacle for many families to come down to the election field. Arindam had been hoping for the Cuttack-Barbati seat for many days. It is said that the party cleared the way for Arindam by sending Rajya Sabha aspirant Debashisa Samantaray for the seat. It is said that someone from BJD’s family has blocked Arindam’s path due to the ticket law. Arindam had to leave BJD and go to the BJP’s path even after the powerful Pranab Prakash Das of BJD.

Arindam’s exit from BJD explains how the rules of the party can restrict political aspirations. The law that was obstructed for Arindam may create a similar situation for other families. In Balangir, Anang Uday Singhdeo’s two sons, Kilikesh and Arkesh, are hopeful of BJD ticket this time as well. He was elected MP from Balangir in 2009 and 2014. Kilikesh lost to Sangita Singhdeo in 2019. Similarly, Akesh Narayan Singhdeo aspirant for Balangir Assembly. Last time he was defeated by veteran Narsingh Mishra. If the family gets one ticket, one of the two brothers can get a ticket.

Prasanna Acharya is the prominent face of BJD from West Odisha. Parliament Prasanna’s political career from the Assembly is very long. Prasanna’s son Debash Acharya is an MLA from Burgh Assembly. Last time Bargarh was defeated from BJP’s Suresh Pujari from Lok Sabha seat. Will Prasanna Acharya come down to the election field this time? Nispati can see the state of health after the accident. On the other hand, Debash Acharya is preparing the field to fight again from the Assembly. Then one can avoid getting a ticket for BJD rules.

Rabindra Kumar Jena is interested in being a candidate for Lok Sabha from Balasore. In 2019, Pratap Shadangi won Balasore by defeating Ravindra Jena of BJD. Pratap Shadangi got 4 lakh 83 thousand 858 votes with 41.79 percent votes. Rabindra Jena got 4 lakh 70 thousand 902 votes with 40.67 percent votes. So Rabindra Jena is improving the organization to take revenge of 19 losses. On the other hand, his wife Subasini Jena Basta is a candidate for the Assembly. Rabindra’s family can get a ticket from Lok Sabha or Assembly if the BJD rules are implemented.

Former MP Prasanna Pattshani may be a candidate from BJD from Chilika assembly seat. After Chilika MLA Prashant Jagdev joined the BJP, there is talk about making Pattshani a BJD candidate. In this case, Priyadarshi Mishra, the nephew of Pattshani, may not get the ticket. Priyadarshi was elected from Bhubaneswar North seat in 2014. BJD’s family can get one ticket as per Pattshani or Priyadarshi person.

Nabarangpur politics can also be exchanged. In the last election, Manohar Ranhari from Dabugaon and his sister Padmini Dyan from Kotpad won and came to the Assembly. Siblings did the ceremony at Congress Gard. If the new rule of BJD comes into effect, one’s ticket can be cut this time.

Will one ticket per family be a game changer in electoral politics? Or increase dissatisfaction, fear, rebellion?

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