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Sarojini Bishi

Bargarh: marmuantuda road accident at Luhurachti in Bargarh district. 3 young man died in a collision with an unknown vehicle on the national highway. It is known that the dead young man are employees of Ashoka Buildcon Company.

According to the information, last night, a truck broke down on Luhurachti National Highway under Sohela Police Station of Bargarh District. However, since the said breakdown vehicle was on the road, the employees of Ashoka Buildcon Company were arranging barricades around the said truck so as not to cause danger to other vehicles at night. But who knew that by going to save others from an accident, he himself would be a victim of an accident.

At this time, an unknown car suddenly came at a high speed and ran over them. Three young man died on the spot. However, the identity of the unknown vehicle has not been found yet as it has returne due to an accident. The bodies of three dead young man have been dissected at the Bargarh District General Hospital. The deceased young man have been identified as Vikas Shanda of Sohela, Parthav Sahu of Bandala village and Subrata Mallik of

Jagatsinghpur district. However, all three of them were working as employees in Ashoka Buildcon Company in Bargarh.

Due to the accident while on duty, the family members have demanded compensation from the company. On the other hand, the Sohela police has conducted further investigation into the accident and has started a search to trace the vehicle that caused the accident and arrest the driver.

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