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The truck rammed into the house, the life of the old man who was sleeping in the house was gone

Sarojini Bishi

Rairangpur: The old woman was sleeping at home, the wall broke and the truck ran over her. Such a rare incident happened in Dandbosh village of Rairangpur town of Mayurbhanj district. Such a fatal accident has happened since Saturday morning. However, when the house of the dead woman was on the side of the road, a truck came at a high speed this morning and rammed into the house on the side of the road. An old man who was sleeping at home died after a truck ran over him. On the contrary, other family members have lost their lives due to this accident. The villagers have blocked the road demanding proper compensation.

However, according to the information, it is reported that the deceased is a 60-year-old woman. In the village of Dandbosh, Kamala Patra was living with his family and everyone was sleeping last night. Kamala was sleeping on the bed at home. But this morning, a truck suddenly ran over his house. The truck ran over Kamala who was sleeping on the bed inside the tree. As a result of which he died on the spot.

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