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The newly wedded deity couple is giving darshan to the devotee, with broken wrists

Sarojini Bishi

Sambalpur: Mahadeva’s exodus ended in great adambara. After reaching Jagat Janni’s house in That Pattuar, the wedding ceremony took place as per tradition. Baba Bholanath held the hand of Mother Parvati. Yesterday at midnight Mahadev took the bridegroom in huge patio. The city of Sambalpur was abuzz with traditional dances as well as Bajaban’s Rosani.

Late last night, Mahadev took the bridegroom with him and left for the wedding procession. Mahadev sat down in the plane adorned with various kinds of gold and silver ornaments. Then there was a great commotion and a shutdown. The procession headed for the bride’s house, accompanied by flutes, arrows and dance songs. Soon the wedding procession reached the bride’s house, passing one cloth after another. After the ceremony, the marriage ceremony of the deva couple started in Vedic rituals. Baba Balunkeshwar of Nandpada, Baba Loknath of Jhaduapada and Baba Jageswar of Mudipada have already lost their wrists. Today, while the girl is going to say goodbye to her parents, a procession will leave the temple late at night. The procession will continue till tomorrow afternoon and in the evening the deity couple will enter the temple.

Meanwhile, Baba Lingaraj’s marriage has been completed in Bhubaneswar. Lord Lingaraj reached the Kedargauri temple in a huge procession with the bridegroom late at night. Before the bride went home, the servants decorated Lord Lingaraj with new clothes and garlands of fragrant flowers. Lord Lingaraj came out through the lion gate in the flight of the giant lion. Lord Basudev came out as the groom. There, in Mahaprambar, the marriage of the deva couple was solemnized according to the rules. The marriage was completed within a few nights. Lord only went for marriage with traditional baja cook.

However, there is a tradition of Lord Kapilaswara going as the bridegroom of Sri Lingaraj, but due to the conflict between Khuntia and Malia, Lord Kapilaswara has not been involved for some years.

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