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The new law will be implemented across the country from July, meeting with all DGPs

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: The new law will be implemented across the country from July. The new police law is going to be implemented from next July. British rule will be abolished and Indian rule will be imposed. Central government will abolish IPC, CRPC and Evidence Act. A meeting has been held with all the DGPs regarding the implementation of the new police law.

A discussion was held with the DGP on behalf of the Ministry of Water Affairs through the VC. Indian Judicial Code, Indian Civil Protection Code shall apply. The Indian Penal Code will be replaced by the Indian Judicial Code. The Indian Evidence Act will also come into effect from July. After Prime Minister Modi took oath as the new government in India, the British rule in India is going to change. It has been announced that the Indian Judicial Code will be implemented from July.

The home department has started preparations for implementing this new law. The British law in force since 1860 will be abolished. The Ministry of Home Affairs has discussed with all the DGPs. The implementation of the new law has been discussed.

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