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The incident of the rotting corpse of the tooth and hand; Two forest Employee suspended, one arrested

Sarojini Bishi

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Angul: 2 forest department employees have been suspended in the incident of finding the decomposed body of a tusk elephant near Mandakanda canal in Angul Bankhand Jarapada range. A person has been arrested in this incident. Jarapada Forester Dinabandhu Naik and Para Beat Forest Guard Manoj Kumar Naik have been suspended. DFO Nitish Kumar explained.

About 8 days ago, an elephant’s mutilated body was found in the protected forest near Bankhand Jarapada forest in Angul district. Nitish Kumar has informed that two officers have been suspended on charges of dereliction of duty.

On the other hand, Rohit Behera (41) of Rodasingha has been arrested in this incident. Two ivory tusks have been seized from his house. On June 28th, the decomposed body of a tusked elephant was found in the Mandakanda canal in the protected forest of Jarapada forest. The internal organs of the elephant’s body were completely destroyed. The death of the elephant was known from the surrounding condition more than a month ago.

Rohit did not hunt elephants. When he went to Mandakanda Nala to graze the cow, he saw the dead body of the elephant. Because the ivory is valuable, he brought the tusks from the carcass of the elephant in order to sell it. However, after the body was found in the forest department, the search for the teeth started. In fear, Rohit hid the tooth in his house without selling it outside. For information about the incident, the forest team raided Rohit’s house in Rodasingha and seized two ivory tusks. It has been reported that this is the second wildlife related crime while Rohit had previously hunted deer.

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