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The former India coach wept after hearing the news of Pant’s accident

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: In this T20 World Cup, due to the good batting performance of India’s star wicket keeper Rishabh Pant, India lost to Pakistan on a bowler-friendly pitch. India’s former coach Ravi Shastri was impressed by Pant’s performance. He said that I will not forget the news of Pant’s car accident in December 2022. As soon as I heard this, tears flowed from my eyes. It was even more difficult after seeing him in the hospital. After that, the way he worked hard to return to international cricket is indescribable.

He said that his performance in the high voltage match against Pakistan will be praised less. On December 30, 2022, Pant was coming home to visit his mother. His car crashed and he was hospitalized in critical condition. He returned to international cricket after almost 1 year of rehabilitation.

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