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The death of the Assistant District Collector is taking a political turn: a huge movement on 4th october

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Rourkela: The death of Assistant District Collector Sushmita Minj is taking a political turn. While the police administration termed it as suicide, the family members alleged that Sushmita was murdered.

Former MLA George Tirki has come down to the streets to reveal the mystery of Sushmita’s death. He has threatened to start a movement to get justice for Sushmita’s family. In this regard, he has warned to surround him with a huge movement on the next 4 days.

Sushmita Minj was working as an Assistant District Collector in the office of Additional District Magistrate, Rourkela. She lived in a hotel. Her body was recovered from the hotel pond.

George Tirki, the former MLA held a press conference and called Sushmita’s death case a “Hiprofile murder” and accused the administration of protecting the accused. He said, Sushmita had multiple wounds on her body. There were cigarette marks on his body. How did all this go? So it was a well-planned murder. George Tirki has alleged that it is being given the form of suicide at the behest of someone.

It is known that Sushmita was under mental stress after attending a government meeting on the 16th. She came to attend the official meeting and instead of staying at Circuit House, she stayed at Radhika Regency Hotel. However, there is a question about why Sushmita stayed in the hotel. Sushmita lived in mental stress. George Tirki asked how Gurundia BDO and CDPO knew when the family members did not know this.

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