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The case of leaving the dog on top of the female journalist, and the police at Raghunandan’s house

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Allegation of leaving a dog on a female journalist. And the police reached the house of BJD leader and former minister Raghunandan Das. Capital police station reached the quarters of Raghunandan Das and is investigating. Action was demanded against Raghunandan after he was brought to the Capital police station by the concerned private channel on the charge of releasing a dog on a female journalist.

It is worth noting that a few day ago, a BJD leader was accused of leaving a dog on a female journalist while she was going to collect news. A private news channel filed a complaint against former minister Raghunandan Das. The police reached Raghunandan’s house after taking the incident to Capital police station. On the other hand, the journalist protested about the incident. Today once again Capital police station reached Raghunandan’s house for questioning.

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