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Successful treatment of a rare heart disease in a children for seven days at Manipal Hospital

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: A seven-day-old baby with a rare and complex heart condition has been successfully treated at Manipal Hospital. Manipal Hospital has successfully treated a seven-day-old baby suffering from the rare hypoplastic right heart syndrome (HRHS). which is a rare congenital condition that affects blood flow to the heart and lungs. According to the symptoms of this disease, the 2.5 kg child’s body reached 65% oxygen level and acidosis was severe.

Two surgical teams led by Dr. Divya Ranjan Behera, Consultant, Department of Cardiology at Manipal Hospital, were engaged in the treatment of the child. This rare treatment was achieved in two important processes. Balloon pulmonary valvotomy and PDA stenting were performed to improve the baby’s heart. In the later stages, the oxygen saturation or uptake of the newborn increased to 95% and then further developed to 98% after two months as the newborn’s weight increased according to the required conditions.

Dr. Divya Ranjan Behera explains that “HRHS is a rare condition. Successfully treating such a newborn patient on time may be the first of its kind in Odisha.” In this treatment, the team consists of cath lab, cardiology team and neonatology team led by Dr. Abhilipsa Acharya, Dr. Janaki, NICU staff and cardiac anesthesiologist Dr. Vivek Chaudhary and Dr. Braj Mohan Rath was in charge of the hospital.

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