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Srijiu, who is suffering from fever after bathing in 108 g water, will be cured today

Sarojini Bishi

Puri: Chaturdhamurthy is at Ansar’s house suffering from fever after taking a bath in 108 gara water on Sanan Purnima. There are two secret servant of the Lord. Today in Ansar Pindi, Sri Vigrahamana will be worshiped. Yesterday, on the fifth day, Lord was buried in Srirang.

Today, after the consultation of the medicine man of the temple, the two-headed servants will apply the milk prepared by the servants of the pure water to the shrine of the Lord. After the midday incense is done in the temple, the policy for this oil will be started. Srijiu will be cured if there is fat in his body. This cure of the Lord will continue for three days.

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