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Sarat Patnaik was thrashed by the disgruntled group after entering the Congress building

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Congress PCC president Sarat Patnaik has been slandered. While he was sitting in his room in the Congress building, some disgruntled groups entered and assaulted him. It is unclear who the people who beat up Hale Kali and why they were unhappy.

Today, the Congress is protesting over the irregularity in the NEET and NEET exams across the country. Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee President Sarat Patnaik was sitting in his office in the Congress building at Master Canteen on Friday morning. Suddenly, two miscreants with cloths tied around their faces entered his room and assaulted him.

On the contrary, the Congress has not performed well in the current election. Also, various senior leaders have been expelled from the party by implementing the zero tolerance policy. . Now this dissatisfaction has started to dissolve slowly. These two youths are believed to have come and beaten up Kali from among those who have been displeased with the party, but it is not yet known why and for what reason they did such an act.

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