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Sambalpur in celebration for Shitalasathi: Dev couple will tie the knot today

Sarojini Bishi

Sambalpur: The city of Sambalpur is bustling for the famous Shitalasathi. Today is the marriage ceremony of Dev Dev Mahadev. All preparations are done for this. All the temples in the city are decorated with colorful lights. Idols and silver rams are ready for the marriage procession of the deva couple.

The festival will include various cultural groups, folk dances, folk instruments. Cultural groups will also come from outside the state. Devdev Mahadev will proceed towards the bride’s house with a procession accompanied by bells, clocks, duldulis and tribal dances. After reaching there, the marriage ceremony will be performed according to the traditional Vedic rituals.

Similarly, the last leg of the famous winter shitalsathi journey ended yesterday. The bridegroom’s father and Saptarushi went out in search of a bride for Devdev Mahadev. After reaching the bride’s house, after a long discussion between both the bridegroom and the bride, the marriage proposal of Devdev Mahadev and Jagat Janani Mata Parvati was decided. After that Devdev Mahadev and Mata Parvati got married and got married.

Lord Hanuman has invited the gods for the marriage ceremony of Mahadev and Mother Parvati. Shitalasathi festival will be celebrated tomorrow.

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