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Raja Mauz in Pur Palli, know why Raja is celebrated…

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Today Odisha is raising Raja. I read all over the state.Daughter, Daughter-in-laws of Odisha are celebrating Raj before sunrise. Raja Pan, Raj Doli, every house in Odisha is decorated with beautiful girls. Cakes are baked at home, swings are played, purple flowers are rising and falling.

Why is Raja celebrated?

Menstruation is a hot topic in many places today. A woman of silver is defiled and defiled. He refused to go to the choir house, refused to go to the kitchen. In some places it is a big taboo. At the same time in some places it is celebrated with great pomp. Similarly Odisha’s traditional festival and state’s Ganparva Raja are based on this theme. Which is named as ‘Raja’. Raja is a word derived from Rajsbala which is a reflection of Jagannath culture.

The literal meaning of the word Raja is Rajvati or Rajsbala. Just as a woman becomes silver in the month of Madhyamash, the arrival of rain carries the symbolism of Mother Basumati or Mother Earth becoming silver and giving birth to new crops. On this day, farmers worship Basumati and Halangal and take a break from farming for three days.

It is mainly celebrated for four days. The first day is Pheili Raja, the second day is Raja Sankranti, and the third day is Hrudha Dahan. During this three-day festival, no action is taken to harm Mother Earth. Finally, the fourth and final day is the Basumati bath. On the last day of the menstrual cycle, just as a woman bathes in herbal water and enters the temple, chapel and kitchen, on the fourth and final day, basumati is bathed in herbal water and agricultural work begins.

That is why the girls do not do any work or go to the temple for these three days. It is a tribute to a woman’s natural menstrual cycle. Which falls on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June every year. On this day, the girls of Odisha celebrate the Rajsbala of Mother Earth. During these 3 times of the day, the girls do not eat or eat anything. Also do not walk barefoot. .

The most important food in this festival is pod pie. Many pies are made at home, but the most popular is the Raja Pod Pitha. Along with this, some people also make Muan, Kakara, etc.

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