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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Election Commission has announced the date of Lok Sabha elections on Saturday, which means today, March 16, 2024. Elections will be held in seven phases between April 19 and June 1 and the votes will be counted on June 4. Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said in a press conference at Vigyan Bhawan that with the announcement of the election schedule for the formation of the 18th Lok Sabha, the code of conduct has been implemented immediately in the country.

Strict approach on political parties

In addition, the government will not be able to take any policy decisions that may influence the voter’s decision. Political parties should adopt a responsible attitude towards the use of social media, strict action will be taken against those spreading fake news. Expressing his concern, he said, “We will take further action by condemning those who are violating the code of conduct after expressing concern over their behavior during political campaigning.”

Stop attacking on a personal level In addition, the Chief Election Commissioner also said that advertisements will not be allowed to appear as news. Personal attacks should be avoided. During

election campaigns, political parties should adopt a respectful attitude towards the disabled, children should not be abused.

What did the Commission say about EVMs?

Rajeev Kumar said that the court heard more than 40 different complaints against EVM and in each case all the complaints were rejected. All parties are well aware that EVMs have made the electoral process more beautiful and better; Ruling parties are seen losing through these EVMs. He said that the commission is committed to make elections free of violence. In the 2019 election results, Bharatiya Janata Party won 303 seats, Congress 52, Grassroots Congress 22, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) 10, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) 5, CPI(M) 3 and CPI 2.

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