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Sarojini Bishi

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Mayurbhanj: Opium cultivation is going on in Similipal sanctuary. which has become the hub of opium cultivation. After getting to know about this crop, a joint team of Police, Abkari and Forest Department raided and destroyed the opium farm in the villages of Jashipur Thana Phulbadi and Jojaguda.

Opium trees worth more than one and a half lakh rupees in the sanctuary have been confiscated during Red Bell. The police have destroyed about 3 crores worth of opium. It should be noted that earlier on the 10th, Forest Department, Police and Abkari Department conducted a large-scale raid on opium cultivation in Shimilipal Sanctuary. In which the team destroyed opium trees worth more than 10 crores.

However, in just two months, nearly 20 crores worth of opium has been destroyed. The police and the forest department have failed to catch the opium mafia.

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