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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Odisha election related BLO mascot (BLO Icon Didi) ‘Mita Didi’ has been placed by the Election Commission of India as a mascot in its BLO magazine. Odisha’s BLO mascot ‘Mita Didi’ has now become the BLO mascot across the country. On this occasion Chief Electoral Officer Nikunj Bihari Dhal congratulated all the BLOs.

Now ‘Mita Didi’ of Odisha has become the representative of the Buddha-level officials of the whole country. It is a matter of pride and honor for all the Buddhist officials and the entire state to have ‘Mita Didi’ featured in the 10th edition of the election commission’s Buddhist officers’ magazine. Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Dhal has expressed the opinion that this will give more motivation to all booth-level officials to carry out their duties. However, BLO and booth label officers or booth level officers have a very important role in the election process. Booth level officials play a vital role in the process of voter list revision and election management at the grass root level.

Gurus bear responsibility for the successful implementation of the election process even though they are not visible, so they are called the ‘unsung heroes’ of elections. Appreciating the role of BLOs in strengthening democracy from the grassroots level, Chief Electoral Officer Nikunj Biharidhal urged that all booth-level officials will work as watchmen of democracy in the upcoming simultaneous general elections.

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