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Monsoon will touch half of Odisha tomorrow and the entire state by 24th

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: There will be pre-monsoon rain in many parts of the state on Wednesday. Vijib Odisha. Heavy rain is likely in many places in South Odisha and Coastal Odisha. Monsoon will touch half of Odisha by 20th. It has been said by the Meteorological Department that it will touch the entire Odisha by 24th.

On the other hand, a cyclone will form in the Bay of Bengal on the 25th. Cyclone will form in North West Bay of Bengal. Due to this, the amount of rain will increase in the state. There is a possibility of rain in south Odisha from tomorrow. The weather is favorable for monsoon. Monsoon has stopped in Malkangari now. By the 20th, many places will be advanced.

The temperature of the state will decrease from tomorrow due to the effect of rain. Temperature will decrease by 3 to 4 degrees from normal. This is estimated by the meteorologist. However, even if it rains, till the end of June, the coastal Odisha will continue to be flooded. However, yesterday there was heavy rain in some parts of the state.

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