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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: After completing the last phase of election, Modi will sit for two days meditation from today. Vivekananda, the husband of Kanyakumari, will sit in meditation in the mandap. Modi will meditate here till the evening of June 1. All preparations have been completed for the arrival of the Prime Minister and his program. Around 2,000 police personnel and security agencies have been deployed to keep a tight watch during Modi’s visit.

As per the scheduled schedule, Prime Minister Modi will meditate from today evening to June 1 evening. Tourists are prohibited from going to the beach for these two days. From today till Saturday, the beach will be closed for tourists and private boating will also be closed. PM Modi will reach there by helicopter. Prime Minister Modi will first reach Thiruvananthapuram and from there he will go to Kanyakumari by MI-17 helicopter. There he will watch the sunset and then sit in meditation. Modi will return from Kanyakumari on June 1 at 3:30 pm.

It is worth noting that Kanyakumari’s husband Vivekanandi memorial site has a special significance. Because it is said that Vivekananda’s life underwent a big change after meditating here. After traveling across the country, Vivekananda meditated at this memorial for three days. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi visited Shivaji Maharaj’s Pratapgarh Fort before announcing the 2014 election results. After the end of the election campaign in 2019, he concentrated on Kedarnath.

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