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Minister Phabhati Parida made a big statement about the power of the mission

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Mission Power, Phabhati Parida reviewed his department on Monday. After reaching Mission Shakti Bhavan in Pokhariput, Departmental Secretary Shalini Pandit and Mission Shakti Director Vineet Bhardwaj made a big statement.

Responding to the media, he said, “Mission Shakti is a micro-government, affiliated with 19 departments and also affiliated with UN agencies.” The world, state and village are involved. If the mission power reaches the right place then Odisha will be developed.

Mission Shakti Minister further said, social status, economy, position of women will develop rapidly in the next hundred days to make Odisha number one. The mission force will run forward. He said that Mission Shakti will fulfill the dream of a developed Odisha.

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