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Massacres in the capital; The murder of the landlord by the tenant

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Visva massacre in the capital. The murder of the tenant of the house owner. The murder happened near an engineering college in Tamando police station of Bhubaneswar. Police have launched a manhunt after seizing the bloody body from the street as the tenant is suspected of murdering the landlord.

According to the information, the dead person is Sushant Shatpathi. Sushant kept a 35-year-old man on rent in his house. The police suspect that the concerned youth killed Sushant. Sushant was lying in a pool of blood this morning on the road near the college. The police rescued him and admitted him to the hospital. The doctor declared Sushant dead there.

The police recovered the body and sent it for autopsy. On the other hand, the police are investigating whether the tenant really killed Sushant or if someone else was involved. It is not known why the concerned youth killed Sushant. The police have launched a manhunt to catch the accused.

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