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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Today the merger festival has been held in the state office. BJD State Youth General Secretary of Jajpur District Korei Constituency Pritiranjan Sahu officially joined the BJP with hundreds of his supporters. The worker who joined the party said that he was inspired by the principles of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and joined the BJP.

State President Manmohan Samal, State Election Officer Vijayapal Singh Tomar, Korei MLA candidate and actor Akash Das Naik Uttariya Utriya welcomed the new activists.

On this occasion, the state president Mr. Manmohan Samal said that the 25-year-long corrupt, corrupt and adulterous BJD government must end. There will be a change in state politics to form a new Odisha and BJP government will be formed in Odisha. Twice the lotus, twice the development. BJP is the only option to bring the development to the peak in Odisha. The people of Odisha are facing change. Thousands of people are joining this family every day to strengthen the hand and fist of BJP. Mr. Samal said that your contribution will help in the formation of “Modi Government at the Center” and “BJP Government in Odisha”.

Similarly, Odisha MP candidate Chandrakant Das, MLA candidate Sujata Rai, Nyali MLA candidate Bharat Kumar Mallik, Tritol MLA candidate Dilip Das, Balikuda MLA candidate Ramesh Das have officially joined the BJP. Puri District Nimapada Constituency Lecturer Nirad Vir Khuntia has joined BJP.

State Secretary Saroj Kara, State Chief Spokesperson Vajran Sharma, Women’s Morcha National Social Media Coordinator Sujata Padhi were prominently present in this merger festival.

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