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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: The big disclosure of CBI in the case of parading two women of Kuki-Jomi community naked in Manipur. In this revelation, the controversial facts have come to the fore. Last year, communal violence in the BJP-ruled state of Manipur took a severe form. At that time, 2 women from the Kuki-Zomi community sought shelter from the police. Instead of sheltering them in a safe place, the Manipur police officials left them near the Meiti rioters’ fair in Kangpoksi district. The rioters paraded 2 women naked and sexually assaulted them. The video of which also went viral. The CBI investigated the incident. It is mentioned in the CBI charge sheet that after that.

Huirem has filed a charge sheet against Herodas Meti and five others. The agency has also filed a report against a minor. Herodas was arrested by the state police in July last year. The CBI chargesheet says that the police themselves handed over the women to the rioters.

According to the CBI chargesheet, during the communal violence in the state, both the women took shelter in a parked police vehicle and a youth was also sitting in the car with them. The women said that the vehicle should be taken to a safe place. One of the said women is the wife of a Javanese who fought in Kargil. When the women begged to be taken to a safe place, the police officers chased them away saying they did not have the car keys and did not offer any assistance.

There were 2 policemen and a driver in the lane and 3/4 people were outside the lane. The women requested the driver to take them to a safe place. However, the police did not listen to their pleas saying that they did not have the key. Even a man who lost his father to the attack by the rioters was not helped by the police. Later, the driver took the gypsy lane to the rioters. The person was in the lane along with 2 women. When the rioters came, the police fled, leaving the woman and the man there. It is stated in the charge sheet that the rioting woman sexually assaulted 2 people after parading them naked.

According to the CBI report, 900 to 1000 people of the Meiti community, armed with sophisticated weapons like AK rifles, SLRs, INSAS, stormed into a village in Kongpokpi district and others, including 2 women, fled to the forest to save their lives. On October 16 last year, the investigating agency filed a chargesheet in the court of a special CBI judge in Guwahati, in which six people were accused. Apart from this, the report also mentioned that a minor was involved in the incident.

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