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Lok Sabha Speaker election today, BJP and Congress MPs are being whipped to attend

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: For the fourth time in the history of the country, the election for the post of Speaker is going to be held. BJP, Congress and other parties have issued whips to their respective MPs to be present in the Lok Sabha today. For the first time in independent India, the country is going to see the election of Speaker.

For the post of Speaker, there will be a fight between BJP-led NDA and Congress-led India. In Om Birla v. K. Suresh will be seen fighting. However, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has prepared a strategy for this. Amit Shah held a meeting with ruling Mentor MPs and party leaders yesterday evening. He asked to reach the parliament by 10:30 this morning. Attendance is said to be compulsory.

This election is going to be held at 11 am today. speaker election is going to be held in the country after 48 years. The last election was held in 1976. Even now, the speaker was elected unanimously. Today the country will see the Speaker election. It is said that even though the ruling party has the numbers, there is a plan to join forces with other parties and independent MPs to win the Speaker’s candidate Om Birla in a record vote. On the other hand, both BJP and Congress MPs have been issued whips to attend.

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