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Kusuma Cottage will be taken over by the district administration- the District Collector

Sarojini Bishi

Jajpur: Information of the District Collector about the much talked about Kusuma Cottage. Kusuma cottage will be taken over by the district administration. The Jajpur District Collector is informing that the cottages have been built on the land of Paura Palika and it is clear that they have been built with CSR funds.

According to the information of the District Collector Mr. Nikhil Pavan Kalyan, it is clear that the cottages were built on the land of Paura Palika and were built with CSR funds. However, after the construction, it is supposed to be handed over to the district administration, but it has been delayed. Now we will take it in hand and arrange to manage it properly. The SOP will be about how common people can use it. “We will make arrangements to manage it well,” said District Collector Nikhil Pavan Kalyan.

According to the information, yesterday in Jajpur Kusuma, the Deputy Commissioner of the Municipality gave a satisfactory explanation in the case of cottage demolition complaint that it was built at the expense of the Sports Department. 9 cottages in the Kusuma area of ​​the sports department. The Deputy Chairman of the municipality, Santosh Malik, said that CSR has been built at a cost of 8 crore rupees.

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