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Kaveri water release to Tamil Nadu: Bangaluru calls for shutdown today, Article 144 comes into force

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Bengaluru: Protests are going on in Karnataka over the release of Kaveri river water to neighboring Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, a nationwide shutdown has been called. Today Karnataka Shutdown was announced under the banner of ‘Kannada Okuta’ under the leadership of Karnataka activist Battal Nagaraj. A few days before this, farmers’ organization Kuruburu Shanthakumar led by farmers’ organization and other major organizations ‘Karnataka Water Conservation Samiti’ called a shutdown in Bengaluru.

The shutdown calls reflect the rift between farmers and pro-Kannada organisations. Overall, Shanta kumar said that he would support the shutdown from Bengaluru today. Battal Nagaraj, who called for a state wide shutdown tomorrow, clarified that Kannada Okuta does not support today’s shutdown. Section 144 has been imposed across the city in view of the closure announcement. Schools and colleges are also closed.

  Shanta kumar further said that today’s shutdown call has received support from many organizations. We will protest with our demands at Freedom Park in Bengaluru. We will issue a reminder letter to the state government and the chief minister. And if there is no proper response from the government regarding our protest, then we will take strict action and take a decision.

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