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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is in jail in Pakistan, has made a big accusation against India. He alleged that India is killing its soldiers by entering the border of Pakistan. Imran Khan also warned about the serious security situation in the country and on the borders of Afghanistan and India. However, even before this, Pakistan has made many such big complaints. Even in January this year, Pakistan was accused that India is killing its people on its own soil.

According to reports, Imran Khan, who is in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail on charges of corruption, said, “Pakistan is moving in the direction that led to the partition of 1971.” At that time, East Pakistan had to be lost, which has now become Bangladesh. The former prime minister has blamed the army for such a situation in the country. He even made a heinous accusation that the Pakistani army was trying to kill him.

Imran Khan also said, “Terrorism and separatism are on the rise in Balochistan.” The issue of sudden disappearance of people is increasing, which has become a matter of seriousness. Talking about the border of Pakistan, India has already accepted the fact that it entered the border and killed the army. The situation on the international border with Afghanistan remains volatile.

However, the former prime minister has blamed the country’s military establishment and the Pakistani army for such a situation. He claimed that now the only thing left is to kill him. Imran said that if anything happens to him or his wife then the army chief General Asim Munir will be responsible.

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