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Guest teachers will teach in the school, more than 4 thousand retired teachers will be appointed

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Guest teacher will teach in the school. Henceforth more importance will be given to school education. Attention will be given to ensure that there is no problem in the classroom due to lack of teachers. For this, a guest teacher will be appointed in the school. More than 4 thousand retired teachers will be recruited for this purpose.

The notification has been published by the Department of School and Public Education. According to this notification, a total of 4580 retired teachers will be employed in the classroom. Guest teachers will be engaged in all government, fully-funded, block-grant high schools and Sanskrit tolls in the state. Preference will be given to schools without teachers. They will be employed till March 2025.

According to the special guidelines issued by the department, guest teachers will be appointed for the current academic year 2024-25. The appointment will be made by the District Education Officers with the approval of the District Governor. After the new TGT teacher is appointed, the guest teacher should not teach in that school. They will be employed in other schools where there is a shortage of teachers. After appointment, their full report will be submitted to the School and Public Education Department.

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