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Sarojini Bishi

Rajkot: Fire incident in Rajkot gaming zone. Gujarat government suspended 7 people including 2 policemen due to negligence in work. Apart from this, 6 police officers including Rajkot Police Commissioner have been transfer. However, the investigation revealed that the gaming zone was running without the necessary approval.

Among the suspended officers are Rajkot Municipal Corporation Town Planning Department Assistant Engineer, RMC Assistant Town Planner, Roads and Buildings Department, 2 Deputy Executive Officers, 2 Police Inspectors and RMC Kalavad Road Fire Station Station Officer.

On the other hand, a partner of Gaming Zone was also arrested by the police yesterday. Two people were arrested last Sunday and another person was arrested yesterday. Including this, the number of arrests in the fire incident has reached 3.

According to information, 30 people, including children, died in a fire in Rajkot gaming zone last Saturday afternoon. Later its CCTV footage was also found. CCTV captured the scene of the entire fire. The intensity of the fire was such that it was impossible to identify the people who died in it. So the DNA of the deceased was tested for identification. Meanwhile, AIT has been formed to investigate the incident.

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