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Father’s innovative step after his son was bitten by a snake

Sarojini Bishi

Agra: An incident like this has happened in Agra, Uttar Pradesh which has surprised everyone. A teenager was bitten by a snake in Kalindi Bihar. Seeing this, his father lost his senses. He chased the snake without getting any intelligence. Betting his life, he put a dust on the snake. After taking his son to the hospital for treatment, the doctors were also shocked when he showed that the snake in the sand had bitten his son. Thanks to the efforts of the doctor, the teenager is safe.

However, the bravery of the father is being praised in different quarters. Of course, some have suggested that it was not so important to take the snake. After the son was free from danger, he said, at that time my head did not have any sense. Seeing the snake, I fell behind the snake to see if the doctors would treat it properly.

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